Born in Texas, but raised in North Carolina, King Phill is a southern artist by all means. Growing up in different cities of North Carolina, Phill developed a genuine love for his home state. At the age of 5, Phill began playing the drums, beginning his journey into self-expression and artistic creativity. After music, he found fashion. Around the age of 13, he created a clothing brand with his high school friend. During his junior year in college, he showcased his photography in a joint art exhibition with X The Artist.


Now, at 21, he’s apart of Greensboro, NC’s clothing brand Avant Garde, he runs the menswear fashion blog Cool&Well-Dressed, he’s started a philanthropy and creative consulting agency with two high school friends and is currently designing for the release of his own clothing brand. He also manages and handles creative direction for four music artists from North Carolina. King Phill promises that this is only the beginning of what he has to contribute to culture.




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